Epsilon Eta
Beta Chapter, An Environmental Professional Fraternity at the University of Michigan



Lizzie Depentu

Major: Political Science and Environmental Studies

Lizzie DePentu is a senior studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. She is particularly interested in sustainable food systems and creating ways to ensure all people have access to healthy and fresh food. Before transferring from Michigan State, Lizzie was a founding member of TEDxMSU, and worked in both the Michigan House of Representatives and the Council on Environmental Quality in Washington DC. This past summer, Lizzie boogied over to the east coast and worked at a small non-profit in Cambridge, Massachusetts called the Small Planet Institute. Her work involved research on the growing Democracy Movement, environmental advocacy, communications, and graphic design. In her free time, Lizzie enjoys running long distances very slowly, taking care of her house plants, and eating veggies with her pals.  

Vice President of Communications

Kevin Keegan 
Major: Program in the Environment 


Kevin is a sophomore in Michigan's Program in the Environment. Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, his environmental passion formed as he saw how the polluting of the Chesapeake Bay was negatively impacting his community. As part of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment's Teaching and Inspiring Environmental Stewardship program, he works to create curriculum for young students that encourages a more sustainable lifestyle and gives tours of the Gold LEED certified Dana building on campus. He is very thankful to be serving as VP of Communications and to take on a more tangible role of ensuring all chapters and members of Epsilon Eta feel welcome and are working towards common goals. A few of his favorite things in this world include when he and                his friends accidentally wear matching outfits, Old Bay Seasoning, and you.

Communications Committee Chair

Julia Weiss

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Julia is a junior studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She spent this past summer taking a class at the UM Biological Station and living in the middle of the Ecuadorian rainforest studying birds and monkeys. Julia hopes to continue her exploration of her environmental passion through research and conservation work, as she has done in the past with a mangrove conservation team in the Dominican Republic. Outside of Epsilon Eta she is a Graham Sustainability Scholar and a member of the Women’s Club Soccer team. Julia loves reading books (mostly the ones with magic and dragons), sunflowers, hula hoops, and her dog Matzoball.


Vice President of Programming
Renzi Wise

Major: Public Policy with a minor in History of Art

Renzi Wise is a junior from Miami, Florida. She is often very chilly, due to her aforementioned tropical origins, and she gets really, really excited about any and all snow, also due to her aforementioned tropical origins. After years of hopping between a variety of seemingly unrelated passions and interests, Renzi has decided to study Public Policy, in the hopes of Making a Difference™. She is particularly interested in issues of environmental justice, how policy creates and maintains systemic inequities, and how it can be leveraged to, instead, fight those inequities. In addition to Epsilon Eta, Renzi is a Graham Sustainability Scholar, a Shipman scholar, and a member of the UMMA Student Engagement Council. In the past, Renzi has worked with the non-profit Waterkeeper Alliance researching beach and bay access in Miami-Dade and how it can be improved for low income and minority populations. She is minoring in Art History just for fun. Renzi's favorite things include thesaurus.com, books by old Czech dudes, the month of November, and sick vistas. She will retire in the Pacific Northwest with several enormous mountain dogs.

Programming Committee Chair

Olivia Brinks

Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) and Program in the Environment

Olivia is a senior studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), and Program in the Environment (PITE). She is interested in too many things, including the effects of globalization on human-environment relationships. Aside from school and Epsilon Eta, her life is composed of RA responsibilities in East Quad, helping out at the Campus Farm, and tutoring middle school students who are learning English. Olivia spent this past spring at the Biological Station for the second time. After the biostation, she traveled to Ecuador to do research for her honors thesis and intern for an environmental nonprofit organization. She taught English classes, lived with a wonderful host family, ate lots of new foods, saw some great bugs, and wants to go back to explore more. Olivia enjoys smelling flowers, humming, perusing used books, wearing keds with fun socks, and eating the occasional banana. 

Vice President of Social

Brett Boehman

Major: Program in the Environment with a minor in Community Action and Social Change

Brett Boehman is a junior studying Program in the Environment with a minor in Community Action and Social Change, and perhaps another minor in the works. The overlap of social justice, environmental justice, and community wellbeing is a cornerstone of his take on environmentalism. Since spending the previous summer interning with a Detroit-based nonprofit working on food accessibility, Brett has focused his studies on food systems and urban planning (but boy is it hard to narrow it down further than that). He prefers to exclusively talk about motives for veganism, systems of oppression in America, or that one time he found a ton of beans dumped on some train tracks (pic related). Brett loves farmers’ markets , hiking, and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Social Committee Chair  

Lyndsey Covert

Major: Civil Engineering

Lyndsey Covert is a junior majoring in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Sustainable Engineering. She is an Alice Lloyd Hall Scholar Alumni, a member of the student chapter for the American Society of Civil Engineers, and a research assistant in a concrete lab working on pozzolanic reactivity in cementitous materials, even though she still doesn't really understand what that means. She likes reading books, getting overly excited about survey crews on campus, eating adventurously, and google image searching Bernese mountain dogs. Her dream job is to collaborate internationally to create a built environment that coexists peacefully with the natural environment, encouraging biodiversity and energy efficiency. 

Vice President of Rush

John Bradtke

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

John is a senior studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. He has always been fascinated by the wonderful world of plants, and as a native Michigander, is particularly fond of studying the species native to Michigan ecosystems. Putting this botanical knowledge to use, his primary interests in sustainability are permaculture and urban agriculture. In his spare time, John enjoys trips to northern Michigan, catching delicious bass, playing bluegrass music, and going on very long hikes every chance he gets.

Vice President of Finance

Jesse Kozler

Major: Philosophy

Jesse is in France.