Epsilon Eta
Beta Chapter, An Environmental Professional Fraternity at the University of Michigan



Julia Cunnien

Major: Program in the Environment

Julia, or as many of her fraternity brothers and sisters refer to her Jules, is a sophomore majoring in Program in the Environment. She was raised in Canton, Michigan, one of the many suburbs located in the Metro Detroit area. Jules wanted to move away from Michigan until she witnessed and was mature enough to appreciate a Lake Michigan sunset. From that point onward she has been eternally grateful to have grown up in the Mitten State. Jules thinks that her commitment to environmentalism took its roots during her summers spent at sleepaway camps in northern Michigan and Ontario, Canada. She was exposed to incredibly beautiful landscapes and discussions of how politics can affect them. She doesn't know exactly how she will demonstrate her love for the Earth career-wise, but right now she is trying to learn as much as she can through her university classes, podcasts, books, and of course her Epsilon Eta family.

Vice President of Communications

Taylor Jones

Major: Computer Science, Minor: Spanish


Taylor Jones is a Sophomore studying Computer Science and Spanish from Montana.

After moving from Austin, TX to Bozeman, MT as a young teen, she gained outstanding access beautiful protected lands (a big time privilege), and as a result, a forever expanded appreciation for the outdoors. Though she is unsure what she intends to pursue with a CS/Spanish degree, Taylor is particularly interested in technology’s role in a sustainable future, and STEM education in Latin America. Taylor has no hobbies nor favorite things. However, if you probed, you may find that she occasionally enjoys breakfast, Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty, rural Montana thrift stores, alpine lakes, and Sudoku.


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Communications Committee Chair

Madeline Peery

Major: Program in the Environment & German


Madeline is a sophomore double majoring in PitE and German, and hails from the small town of Hartland, Michigan. An avid hiker and kayaker, Madeline always had a passion for nature and the environment but didn’t decide to pursue an environmental science major until she took a trip to Iceland and witnessed the severity of glacial mass melting for the first time. She now studies ecotoxicology and water quality, and is equally passionate about renewable energy sources and environmental policy. Outside of Epsilon Eta Madeline is a member of the Residential College, Students for Clean Energy, and MRun. In her free time, she enjoys running, learning new languages, traveling, and a good book is never too far away.

Vice President of Programming

Aislinn Droski

Major: Program in the Environment & Urban Planning

Aislinn is a Junior in Program in the Environment with a specialization in Urban Planning. The environment has always been a driving factor in Aislinn's life, which is apparent in an essay she wrote in sixth grade about climate change: "Do you think that the polar bears or walruses care if its a cycle or human's fault? I think that in order to stop global warming, we need to assume its our fault and try to help". Aislinn is most passionate about reassessing the built environment, and developing ways to plan the landscape of America in ways that are more equitable and environmentally friendly. In addition to saving polar bears and walruses, of course. Aislinn is from Allendale, Michigan, and its totally fine if you have no idea where that is. In addition to her position on the executive board, she is also the Publicity Director of Habitat for Humanity. In her free time she likes to stress-bake, shop at Goodwill, watch Marvel (mostly Spider-Man) movies, and craft + dance with her friends.

Programming Committee Chair

Miryea Sturdivant

Major: Political Science

Miryea is a sophomore from the country/suburban/airport hosting city of Romulus, Michigan and is studying Political Science. Someday she hopes to work for the Big Man in Washington D.C. where she will voice her advocacy for civil rights. She also really cares about the environment, a lot. She’s an environmentalist because this planet is the only one humanity has, and she wants to do her part in helping save its beauties. Miryea also loves loud music and really cheesy (but good) coming-of-age movies

Vice President of Social

Abby Hackett

Major: Program in the Environment

Abby is a junior in PitE and International Studies with a focus on development and environment. Although she is from Pinckney, Michigan, Abby found her love for the environment in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, while doing altitude training. Abby hopes to join the Peace Corps after college and use her education to work with developing communities around the world. She is currently a part of the Peace Corps Prep program at U of M. Outside her academics, Abby has a passion for yoga, good books, and funky flare pants.  

Social Committee Chair

Benjamin Ingall

Major: Program in the Environment

Benjamin (Ben) Ingall is a pretty average guy. He loves the mountains. His two favorite activities are skiing and rock climbing, but also loves to hike and camp almost as much. It took him a while to find these interests growing up in the small town of Chelsea, Michigan, but had a lot of friends and people who introduced to the outdoorsy lifestyle when he moved to Grand Haven, Michigan his junior year of high school. Being involved in things like skiing and rock climbing quickly made him interested in the environment and aware of the problems that we face in protecting it. In his eyes, protecting life is what it means to save the Earth, and hopes to use his degree to work in wildlife conservation/zoology. Ben has always loved animals and wanted to work with them his whole life. He also plans on pursuing a plant biology minor because who doesn’t love a good plant, since they are pretty, tasty, and one of our most important resources. There are so many beautiful wildlife and plant (especially wildflower) stories he has to share! Apart from that stuff, Ben loves to watch movies, dance, and play Super Smash Bros. 

Vice President of Rush

Remi Masse

Major: Earth and Environmental Sciences, Minors: Oceanography, Ecology, & Evolutionary Biology

Remi (not short for Remington, please stop asking) Masse is a sophomore from Leland, Michigan. Remi was destined to love the great outdoors since his Mom gave him the middle name Orion. Some common phrases said about Remi: “Oh my god are you French?”, “please tell me more about microbes”, or “for a smart person you’re really dumb”. He often prefers to leave the comfort of his home in the pursuit of a less comfortable tent with a view. Remi grew up spending an unlikely amount of time on South Manitou Island, where his passion for nature, science, and their intersections blossomed. Remi also plays guitar, sings, boats, and looks at rocks in his free time. He hopes to become a professor, and conduct research on the effects of microbes in the ocean on our planet.

Vice President of Finance

Sheila Roarty

Major: Environmental Sciences, Minor: Earth Sciences

Sheila is a junior specializing in wildlife conservation through PitE and minoring in earth sciences. She is very passionate about the role of zoos, aquariums, and other nonprofits in global conservation partnerships. She was an intern at the Houston Zoo in their Collegiate Conservation Program where her love for conservation grew and she learned more about the partnerships within organizations like the Houston Zoo. After researching the global partnerships there, she would like to continue learning about and researching how partnerships can be best created and managed to ensure maximum efficiency in the allocation of resources for conservation organizations across the globe. She also loves baking, all things winter, her doggo, and traveling.