Epsilon Eta
Beta Chapter, An Environmental Professional Fraternity at the University of Michigan



Renzi Wise

Major: Public Policy, minor in History of Art

Renzi Wise is a senior from Miami, Florida. She is often very chilly, due to her aforementioned tropical origins, and she gets really, really excited about any and all snow, also due to her aforementioned tropical origins. After years of hopping between a variety of seemingly unrelated passions and interests, Renzi has decided to study Public Policy, in the hopes of Making a Difference™. She is particularly interested in issues of environmental justice, how policy creates and maintains systemic inequities, and how it can be leveraged to, instead, fight those inequities. In addition to Epsilon Eta, Renzi is the community service chair of the professional public policy fraternity, Gamma Rho Phi, a Graham Sustainability Scholar, and a Shipman Scholar. In the past, Renzi has worked with the non-profit Waterkeeper Alliance researching recreational water access in Miami-Dade and how it can be improved for low income and minority populations. She is minoring in Art History just for fun. Renzi's favorite things include thesaurus.com, books by old Czech dudes, the month of November, and sick vistas. She will retire in the Pacific Northwest with several enormous mountain dogs.

Vice President of Communications

Eloise Janssen

Major: Art and Design


Ellie is a sophomore in Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. Originally from West Palm Beach, Florida, her environmental passion formed as she saw how the polluting of the ocean and draining of the Everglades was negatively effecting her natural home she had grown up in. Ellie hopes to explore how she can help inform and inspire people to care more about the earth through her art and experiences.  Her two minors are anthropology and the history of art, and hopes to carry what she has learned into her making process.  How we live in the environment and how it changes us, particularly how this can be seen through our visual language of art.  Outside of artistic and environmental action, Ellie loves a good cup of tea, collecting rocks from her travels, and finding obscure items in thrift stores!

Communications Committee Chair

Brianna Hansen

Major: Environmental Engineering


Bri is a sophomore majoring in environmental engineering with a minor in climate and space engineering. Her mother is an environmental engineer, and her love for the environment was sparked by her mothers guidance. As she grew up watching her mother make a change, she was inspired to do the same. She has gotten in the habit of bringing garbage bags around with her to pick up garbage. She hopes and dreams to become an astronaut and make even space sustainable, but would also be content staying here on earth. Bri also loves music, baking, pickles, and the color green!


Vice President of Programming

Kristen Hayden
Major: Earth and Environmental Science with PiTE

Kristen is an Ann Arborite majoring in Earth and Environmental science and PiTE. She wants research equitable solutions for environmental problems or become a (useful) politician. When not running a lot, she likes reading whatever is in her friends’ bookshelves and shopping for tools. 

Programming Committee Chair

Leah Adelman

Major: Environmental Policy


Leah is a sophomore in the LSA Honors program planning to pursue environmental policy. She was raised in Atlanta, lived in Singapore for middle school, attended boarding school in Andover, MA. Her family now lives in NYC and South Carolina. Given the long sequence of places she has lived, she considers Ann Arbor home. Her first experience with the environment was serving on a National Crew with the Student Conservation Association doing trail repair and maintenance in Washington State. Since then, Leah has been passionate about the environment and has found unique ways to explore the natural world including biking across America and backpacking in the remote Wyoming wilderness for a month. On campus, Leah is a member of the club cycling team and a spin instructor for recreational sports. She considers herself a proud pescetarian and a nice Jewish girl.

Vice President of Social

Allyssa Garza

Major: Political Science and Social Theory & Practice

Allyssa Garza is a junior studying Political Science and Social Theory & Practice with a minor in Urban Studies. She is from Riverview, Michigan. She loves spending time at 808 Dewey, talking about love languages, gardening, and biking in Detroit. She is an environmentalist because fresh water, clean air, and healthy food are human rights. 

Social Committee Chair  

Haley Kalis

Major: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity


Haley is a junior studying Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity as well as Secondary Biology Education. She was born and raised in Grand Haven, Michigan, which she strongly believes to be one of the most beautiful places in the world and makes her say obnoxious things like “west coast, best coast” more frequently than she would like to admit. Haley has been lovingly called Haley Rae “Of Sunshine” by her entire family since the day she was born, and blames this along with growing up outdoors on the shores of Lake Michigan for her inherent love of nature. Having wanted to be a teacher since she was 4 years old, Haley wishes to go into environmental education and thinks that no matter how sustainable we may be, it will not matter unless upcoming generations are educated to be sustainable as well. She is  also involved in several other environmental student organizations on campus, volunteering at the campus farm, and is a RA in Baits. She                                                                                               likes occasionally disappearing into woods where there is no cell service, wearing lots of bright  and printed                                                                                         fabrics, trying to be artistic, speaking mediocre Dutch, and is always down to boogie.

Vice President of Rush

Max LaCosse

Major: Civil Engineering 

Max is from Rapid River, MI (In the UP baby!!) Environmentalism for him has always been a part of who he is. Max grew up in the middle of a national forest in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so caring for the places he has always felt home is second nature (no pun intended). He wants to be a professor because he know that education is the strongest asset we have for changing the narrative around climate change.

Vice President of Finance

Yeager Edwards

Major: Art and Design

Yeager is in Texas.Yeager Edwards is a Sophomore in the Stamps School of Art and Design pursuing a degree in Art and Design and a minor in Museum Studies. He is originally from Wichita Falls, Texas. Environmentalism became a major part of his life when his grandparents introduced him to the importance of the National Parks System and public lands in the United States. In his free time he enjoys watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and spinning yarn.